The nation-wide call for protests against recent anti-abortion legislation was answered by local activists over the weekend. The Flagstaff Women's March gathered on Saturday in front of City Hall, and co-host Debra Block says organizers were pleased with the turnout. The protest was in opposition to the recent Texas and Mississippi laws, as well as over 90 anti-abortion laws passed just in 2021. Protester Paula Mack says even though Flagstaff has a smaller gathering compared to other marches (like Phoenix), their message can still be heard. NAU students were also involved in the march, with groups like the Arizona Students Association - led by student Haley Creighton - mobilizing young people to join in. However, not everybody was happy about the protest - including pro-life counter-protester Sarah Dewitt Dunn. Nevertheless, organizers of the Flagstaff Women's March say the fight is far from over.