**Trigger Warning** This video contains details of sexual assault that may be triggering or upsetting for some viewers.

As part of Sexual Assault Awareness month, NAZ Today interviews a woman who is an activist, author and survivor of sexual assault. After being raped while in college, Laura Gray-Rosendale has spent much of her life raising awareness about the issue of sexual assault. She wrote a book about her experience and regularly travels throughout the country sharing her story.

Talking about the issue of sexual assault can help remove the cultural stigmas that often keep it out of the conversation, says Gray-Rosendale. Her goal is to educate the public that survivors' stories are varied and painful but important to hear and learn from.

Sexual assault is an experience that stays with people for the rest of their lives, but there is hope for a happy life beyond the trauma, says Gray-Rosendale. She says her message to other survivors is they are not alone, their feelings are valid and important and there is help available to move forward.

The Northern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault is a local resource people can reach out to by calling 928-527-1900.