The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and as state officials have reported 3 more diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey has declared a public health emergency. Arizona State University President Michael Crow says all in-person classes wherever possible will transition to online instruction due to COVID-19 concerns. Health experts say, one way to minimize the threat of the virus is through something called, social distancing. NAZ Today’s Quannah Arnold explains.

As hundreds of thousands of college students across the country prepare for their spring break plans, Coconino County Epidemiologist, Matthew Maurer says social distancing is key to prevention. With different organizations giving different measurements of distance to keep between yourself and others, it’s hard to know exactly what social distancing is.

Flagstaff Resident, Collin Friedrich thinks a good distance is a little less than arm's length, whereas Flagstaff Resident, Isa Morris-Craig says, 6 ft. is a good distance. Maurer believes 6 ft. is a good amount of space when practicing social distancing in crowded areas, however, some community members think the practice isn’t something to be concerned about. With the state now in a public health emergency, staying safe and taking preventative measures is vital to limiting your amount of exposure, we can expect much more on this story in the coming days.