A new master plan is underway for The Arizona Snowbowl and environmental activists are speaking out against the expansion. This plan aims to expand new facilities and increase the capacity of skiers. Over the course of 15 years, the Snowbowl would work with the Coconino National Forest Service, if this proposal is approved. Snowbowl expects to submit their plan to the Forest Service this summer. The public will be able to speak on the proposal in the fall.

Several environmental and cultural groups in northern Arizona have spoken out against the proposal. On Tuesday night, the Sierra Club hosted a webinar on the fourth and final talk in the series "Irreplaceable: The Grand Canyon." Key speakers at the event were former executive director of the Association on American Indian Affairs Jack Trope, third-generation tribal and traditional leader and practicing ceremonialist Dianna Sue Ugualla, and activist Klee Benally. These speakers shared their experiences with the Snowbowl and protection of the San Francisco Peaks dating from the 1980's.

The organizations are sending out a petition for the public to sign that is aiming to halt the approval of the proposal.

Snowbowl has no comment on the controversial comments yet.