Prop 417 has brought confusion about what it would have done. The Prop would not have added any new taxes, but would have renewed a 20 year old secondary tax for the next seven years.

Coconino Community College President, Dr. Colleen Smith, says it was designed to not increase what taxpayers already pay, and they use the money in operations in order for the college to offer important programs. The money would have been used for automotive and welding programs, to expand services for veterans, and many other things.

CCC is still the community college with the lowest property tax funding in the state. This is the fourth time in recent years that voters have said no to these taxes. Associated Student Body President, Neil Gallegos, says he sees the need for funding but wasn't surprised of the outcome due to Flagstaff's history and the high taxation throughout the state.

Prop 417 doesn't mean drastic cuts to existing programs, it will only affect plans for new or expanding programs.