Earlier this month, Arizona voters passed Proposition 208, a ballot measure that taxes top earners in Arizona and redirects the funds to public education. FUSD Superintendent Mike Penca says this will be about $940 million statewide per year, and Flagstaff will receive about $6.3 million per year. This money will be used to raise teacher’s salaries, hire more staff, improve mentoring and retention programs, and award grants. Penca says teachers and FUSD staff are excited that Prop 208 passed.

FUSD Communications Director Zachery Fountain says that Prop 208 benefits the education system, but also the community. By raising salaries and hiring more staff, more revenue will hopefully go into local businesses and restaurants.

Despite Prop 208’s passage on Election Day, the Arizona Attorney General is suing the signature collection agency responsible for getting Prop 208 on the ballot for illegally assigning bonuses for more signatures. It is unclear at this time how Prop 208 will be affected by this lawsuit.