An NAU Alert was sent to students on March 16 warning them of an unidentified suspect seen trying to break into an apartment window on campus. Three similar incidents have occurred since last October involving an intruder breaking into residential areas and assaulting women. The first two incidents occurred near south campus, and the most recent was near Roseberry Apartments.

The cases are under investigation and NAU Police are reminding students to remain cautious and aware of their surroundings. Making sure doors and windows are locked, putting wooden dowels in windows to prevent them from opening and making sure individual roommates have their own keys are all examples of extra precautions students can take, says officer Breana Rintala.

Rintala also says students can use NAU's safety escort program and should find the nearest blue phone on campus if they feel they are in danger.

Although the cases are similar, police say they are not certain the crimes are related. Contact the Flagstaff Police Department with any information regarding these incidents.