Rappers, dancers and street artists were among the crowd celebrating Hip-Hop Week at Northern Arizona University today. The event has been hosted by the Ethnic Studies department for the last six years. Among the many elements of hip-hop, knowledge is the most important, says assistant professor Mark Montoya. The week is an opportunity to share hip-hop culture with a larger community.

Hip-hop is "forever," says student Jade Hicks, but this event gives everyone a reason to come out and show what hip-hop means to them.

For some, hip-hop is a form of self-expression. It's an artistic way to share viewpoints and take a stand, says study-abroad student Charlotte Robinson-Cook.

Hip-hop is an art that can be studied and learned, says student A'ishah Muhammad. Anyone with emotion and the right mindset is welcome because "it's all love," she says.

It takes time to learn what hip-hop is really all about, says Montoya, but NAU's Hip Hop Week is a celebration of culture and students.