After marking the one-year anniversary of ending school early, the Flagstaff Unified School District has opened back up to in-person education for most grades. FUSD Communications Director Zachery Fountain said the policies to keep students safe in this transition have been discussed since the pandemic began. Since the start, they have been monitoring cases and updating their plans.

Thomas Elementary School principal Ginni Biggs said so far, she’s been impressed with the kids’ willingness to follow the new policy. With the help of her teachers, she said she’s been able to help create an environment that will help stop the spread of COVID before it starts. While they can help keep students safe, though, there is only so much they can do to new kindergarteners, middle and high schoolers who were robbed of a valuable experience. Nonetheless, Fountain said the introduction of these new environments is one priority for this first week of in-person school.