The first major snow storm of the year in northern Arizona is expected to arrive tomorrow. Flagstaff may get up to one foot of snow by the end of the weekend. With fires and blizzards being northern Arizona's top threat it is important to be prepared for these events.

Jon Paxton, Coconino County Sheriffs Office Program Coordinator, says a great way to be prepared is to have a go bag ready. Paxton says this can include things like important documents, food, water, and a change of clothes. Paxton says to research what should go in your bag and customize it to your needs.

Sgt. Aaron Dick, Coconino County Search and Rescue, says to pack the ten essentials in your go bag including food, water, warm clothing, navigation equipment, flashlight, tools, first aid kit, extra blanket, and extra cell phone for communication. With the winter storm season approaching Sgt. Dick says to let someone know if you are headed outdoors.