We sat down with the next NAU president, Dr. Jose Luis Cruz. Dr. Cruz said his top priority coming into the job is to build a community, saying his presidency is about more than just him; it's about the community he serves. Cruz said he hopes this approach will build morale among faculty and the community. One way he's trying to accomplish this is by asking for input through the Presidential Transition Portal (presidential.transition@nau.edu).

Dr. Cruz also brought up his past, saying that he believes his adaptability will help him move from New York to northern Arizona. He also brought up his upbringing, growing up in a city in Puerto Rico similar to Flagstaff. Cruz also mentioned state funds, saying he hopes for NAU to be able to stand on its own legs first and foremost. This comes after figures showing that state income for NAU has been lower than usual.

Finally, Cruz said he is grateful for the opportunity to serve the NAU and greater Flagstaff community.