With Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein behind bars, many people are asking one question: was justice served? After being acquitted on two of the most serious charges, many believe the verdict did not do the survivors justice. However, Daisy Ornelas, a local expert in Flagstaff and a survivor of sexual assault herself, said that it’s the survivors who should decide this.

Ornelas said there has been an unbalanced power dynamic since the beginning of the case with Weinstein having most, if not all the power. She said she believes this comes from the media focusing purely on Weinstein and not asking the survivors themselves what justice means to them. She included that, from a legal standpoint, the jury may not have entirely been impartial due to this coverage. With the case involving a high-profile public figure and the coverage being as wide-spread as it was, Ornelas said it’s possible that this influenced the jury’s verdict.