Not only is the Flagstaff airport bringing daily flights to Denver starting Wednesday, but American Airlines will also be offering flights to Dallas as well. To accommodate the new flights the airport has put up more signs, incorporated new security flow to integrate more passengers. Barney Helmick, Flagstaff's Pulliam Airport Director says they have had a lot of staff meetings with the airlines to make sure they continue to have top of the line security. He emphasizes that their number one goal is security and safety.

But with nearly double the amount of passengers coming soon, the parking situation at the airport has to change. Helmick says that parking isn't just as simple as building another lot, he says that they have to find the finances to get the lot started. He says it will cost about 800 to 900 thousand dollars to add more spaces. Although there have been talks about charging for parking at the airport, it remains free as of now.

Helmick says a long-term goal is to have two separate lots with a closer lot being five dollars a day and the commuter lot being two to three dollars a day. Helmick pushes the idea of having an alternative of transportation for others like uber, lyft, or even having a friend pick or drop those off at the airport. Helmick says the future looks bright for Flagstaff's airport, Helmick says that he is looking for expansion and won't just stop at Dallas and Denver to be a well-rounded airport.