Everyone likes to see a record be broken and this voting election may have just done that. News reporter Conor Sweetman gives us detailed look into the voter turnout!

In 1966 at 48% of Americans voted being the highest percentage to date during a mid-term election. The numbers are not in yet on how many voted, but it is guessed to have broken that.

This year was the year of in house ballots as 114million American's casted a ballot compared to 83 million in 2014, a 37% increase in one mid-term election.

Congressman of Arizona's 1st District, Tom O'Halleran was surprised himself to see how many people were voting including students!

Our own Coconino is standing out above the rest of the country, voting at least 50% of voters and including this past election 54% of voters participated.

Even the Navajo Nation increased their numbers from 2014 at 52% all the way up to 64% this year!