Teacher of the Week is back again, and NAZ Today’s Justin Dubail ventured to the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy (FALA) to speak with the dance instructor, Cori Wall.

Wall has been a long time student of dance for most of her life, and when the opportunity came for her to start teaching, she took it, and quickly fell in love with the art of teaching.

Wall’s main priority is, of course, to choreograph dances and teach them to students. But Wall makes an effort to add more substance to her classroom. She wants students to build their confidence through overcoming obstacles, mentally and physically, and building that value of perseverance in their lives.

Wall also believes that classes like these are beneficial to academic success for her students, because it helps them blow off some steam and have fun. FALA student Torrie agrees. She says that Wall’s dance class helps her reset mentally, and makes her more attentive in the classroom.

Overall, it seems like the effort and care Wall puts into the classroom is noticed, and appreciated by all, which is why she was awarded with, Teacher-of-the-Week.