A new indoor shooting range, Timberline Firearms and Training, is opening in Flagstaff later this month.

One of the owners Rob Wilson says, "Our motto is safe and responsible firearms ownership, and that's really what this facility is all about. It's a need we don't really think was being filled in this county, especially in Flagstaff, and so that was our primary motivation behind building it."

Safety is Wilson's primary concern, so his facility will have training on both personal respect to firearms and environmental safety. The range will will have safety officers on hand when the facility is in use, along with multiple training courses to teach the necessary safety skills. He understands the negative stigma behind the use of firearms, but believes it is due to mis-information and lack of knowledge.

Elise Wilson, another range owner, hopes to bring more women into the traditionally male dominated sport. The facility be located off Highway 89 east of the city, and will have walls and ceilings eight inches thick, making it safe and soundproof.