A new study at NAU is focusing on women's eating habits and if changed could prevent the occurrence, recreance and progression of chronic diseases. Nutritarian is a research foundation that has teamed up with NAU to conduct a long term study designed to promote a plant rich diet and the effect it has on women. NAZ Today's Cierra Shipley explains that Nutritarian Women's Health Study is looking for female participants above the age of 18, living in the U.S who are willing to make a lifestyle change.

Wendy Wetzel, the studies co-investigator says that they are looking at diets that include whole foods that are minimally processed if necessary. The study is looking to see if these lifestyle choices are leading to fewer preventable diseases. NAU student intern, Ashley Frechette, tells NAZ today the study gives participants an idea of what foods they should be eating. If you would like to learn more or even become a participant, you can check out their website at NAU.EDU/NWHS.