Participating in Greek Life is an important aspect to college life for some NAU students. Fraternities and sororities are still operating, but in a new, virtual, way. Recruitment even took place over zoom earlier this month. Sorority Recruitment Vice President Melissa Furstman says that it took a lot of planning, but in the end, it ran smoothly. She wanted chapters to continue focusing on their relationships with new recruits, instead of having to worry about the virtual aspect.

Even after recruitment, Greek life will still look completely different this semester because of COVID. Inter-fraternity Council President Seth Clem explained how the Greek Councils are responsible for enforcing NAU’s COVID prevention rules. Clem also says that he does not want NAU to have to shut down because of reckless actions of some members.

Still, residents around flagstaff report hearing parties - both on and off campus - almost every weekend. An on-campus party at the beginning of the semester even led to the suspension and eviction of some students. President Rita Chang assures the Flagstaff community that these kinds of actions will be met with consequences.