A small plane with two passengers went down near Williams on Sunday. The victims were identified as 37- year-old Timothy Michael Gill and 38-year-old Joylani Roseann Kamalu. Both passengers were produced dead at the scene and the cause of the crash is still being investigated by The National… READ MORE

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On this edition of The Overtime sports reporter Hannah Ware and Ava Nichols have the inside scoop on how transfer student Helena Robla feels joining the swim and dive team at NAU. They also discuss what NAU offers besides D1 Athletics. Club sports El Ponderoso and Jines In The Pines, welcome… READ MORE

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Like many businesses during covid Flagstaff's arts scene has also been forced to adapt in order to survive during the pandemic-- some art shows have been cancelled, while other galleries have found ways to keep operating safely. Despite the shutdowns, art enthusiasts throughout the region st… READ MORE

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