Flagstaff and Northern Arizona Weather Forecast

Friday 04/26/2019
Flagstaff Weather-- April 26, 2019

Flagstaff can expect more cloud coverage as rain moves in from the California Coastline. Sunny skies on Saturday and Sunday, with gradually increasing winds.Thunderstorms will form Monday.

Flagstaff Weather -- April 25, 2019

Even NAZ Today Meteorologist Lee Born gets surprised by the weather once in awhile. That happened Thursday when a few thunderstorms with light rain moved through Flagstaff. But he's not expecting a repeat of that on Friday. It will be sunny and warm through the weekend with breezes gradually picking up into Sunday. Highs in around 70. Things will change on Monday, when these above average high temperatures will dip to the mid-50s, with the potential for strong thunderstorms.

Wednesday 04/24/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- April 24, 2019

It has been warm and sunny over the past few days, and that trend willl continue into the weekend.

Tuesday 04/23/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- April 23, 2019

Temperatures are right where they should be this time of year, with Tuesday's high at 59 degrees. But NAZ Today Student Forecaster Aiden Caissiie says temperatures are on the rise, bringing an extended run of warm weather. We will see highs in the 70s today, continuing through the weekend.

Flagstaff Weather -- April 22, 2019

NAZ Today Student Forecaster Conor Sweetman says the clouds that moved in Monday will be around into Tuesday, bringing light showers. Warm weather returns on Wednesday as a high pressure system moves in. Highs Tuesday a bit cooler at 60, with light showers in the afternoon.

Friday 04/19/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- April 19, 2019

Student Forecaster Aidan Caissie shows satellites images of low pressure systems for the weekend. Easter Sunday will be fairly windy with comfortable temperatures that will rise through the week.  

Wednesday 04/17/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- April 17, 2019

The past day was one where Flagstaff saw a bit of everything: rain, snow, and sun, all within a 24-hour period. The next several days should be warm. Easter Sunday will be windy and not quite as warm as Friday and Saturday.

Tuesday 04/16/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- April 10, 2019

Student Forecaster  -- Aaron Vitatoe, temperatures are cooling down again in the night and Flagstaff will expect slight precipitation.

Flagstaff Weather -- April 15, 2019

NAZ Today Student Forecaster, Conor Sweetman, says Flagstaff can expect maximum wind gusts due to a low pressure system traveling through the country. The winds will taper by Wednesday, but will be followed by another storm affecting the Atlantic region. If you have travel plans, there may be delays.

Thursday 04/11/2019
Weather -- April 11, 2019

NAZ Today Meteorologist Lee Born says temperatures Thursday came in just below average for this time of year. A storm system is coming from the north and headed to Arizona. The storm could bring scattered showers and slight chance of snow on Friday.

Wednesday 04/10/2019
Flagstaff Weather – April 10, 2019

NAZ Today Student Forecaster Adan Caissie says the damp weather Friday should give way to a sunny Saturday with the high at 54. By Sunday, temperatures will reach the low 60s.

Friday 04/05/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- April 5, 2019

High clouds and a chance for rain Saturday, but NAZ Today Student Forecaster, Aiden Caissie, says a high-pressure front is moving in and temperatures could reach the low 70s early next week.  

Thursday 04/04/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- April 4, 2019

NAZ Today Student forecaster Cristiana Ramos says some precipitation may be headed to Northern Arizona this weekend.

Wednesday 04/03/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- April 3, 2019

NAZ Today Meteorologist Lee Born says Flagstaff can expect a couple more days of typical spring weather before things start to warm up next week.

Tuesday 04/02/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- April 2, 2019

The temperature today was slightly above average. Winds were 40 plus miles per hour, but today is expected to be the windiest of this week. Temperatures are predicted to go up and down slightly this week due to multiple weak storms passing through.

Monday 04/01/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- April 1, 2019

NAZ Today Student Forecaster, Aidan Caissie, says the April Fool's forecast is no joke. Today we saw some light winds and it is expected to get windier as the week goes on. Tonight you can expect some clouds and a low of 32 degree's. Tomorrow, the high is 59 degrees but be cautious of high winds. The temperature is looking to stay between the 50's and 60's throughout the week. 

Friday 03/29/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- March 29, 2019

NAZ Today Student Forecaster Brooke Haim says to get ready for a beautiful weekend as the temperatures reaching nearly 80 degrees across Arizona. In Flagstaff, expect above average temperatures with sunny skies while a high pressure system brings light winds and cloud cover throughout the week.

Wednesday 03/27/2019
Weather – March 27, 2019

NAZ Today Meteorologist Lee Born says weather this week will be sunny with a light breeze. As a storm moves into California it will make its way into western Arizona. It will clear from west to east through the night and we will get more sunny skies. The main low-pressure area is out to the west, which Flagstaff will be experiencing little pieces of storm energy coming from California over the next couple of days. It will bring another breezy afternoon tomorrow and going into the weekend. Saturday evening a cold front will come through Arizona. It will be dry and most likely go unnoticed.

Tuesday 03/26/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- March 26, 2019

Warm weather continues through the weekend, with a slight dip in temperatures later in the week. Expect breezy conditions on Wednesday and Thursday.  NAZ Today Meteorologist Lee Born says highs in the upper 50s and lower 60s can be expected through the weekend.

Monday 03/25/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- March 25, 2019

Spring fever is setting in here in Flagstaff and the rest of Northern Arizona. Temperatures in the high 50's to mid 60's should be expected throughout the rest of the week cooling down around the weekend. Light cloud coverage and wind should be expected tomorrow and Wednesday, with sunny skies coming back just in time for the weekend.

Friday 03/08/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- March 8, 2019

According to Student Forecaster -- Cristiana Ramos, todays forecast is chilly with little snow. The weekend forecast has some warmth and sunshine. However, don't get too used to the sunshine, heading into next week we have a bigger storm coming in from the Pacific sweeping in through Northern Arizona

Thursday 03/07/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- March 07, 2019

NAZ Today Meteorologist Lee Born says this Friday's storm will bring less snow than originally expected. Flagstaff should expect around an inch of snowfall throughout the day with some wind. The weekend weather will start to clear up a bit before another storm rolls in early next week.

Tuesday 03/05/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- March 5, 2019

After a long-period warm weather, some climatic changes would happen tomorrow. A deep low pressure from California promises strong winds with some moisture and on Friday, spells of snow will also cross Arizona caused by the storm from Alaska.

Flagstaff Weather -- March 5, 2019

After a long-period warm weather, some climatic changes would happen tomorrow. A deep low pressure from California promises strong winds with some moisture and on Friday, spells of snow will also cross Arizona caused by the storm from Alaska.

Thursday 02/28/2019
Flagstaff Weather -- February 28, 2019

NAZ Today Meteorologist Lee Born says warmer days are coming as February ends with a high of 50 degrees. The average temperature for this time of year falls around 47 degrees and Arizona residents all over the state should expect the sunny weather to continue, with light rain and possible snow mix on Saturday.