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Friday 04/12/2019
The O-T Show -- April 12, 2019

The OT Show has this week's news on The Coconino Panthers preparations for playoffs. The Flagstaff High School Eagles Softball Team bounces back from a recent loss. Also, the NAU Men and Women's Tennis teams continue to set records, and NAU Track & Field Team trains for the Big Sky Conference.

Thursday 11/15/2018
The OT -- NAU Football

Ryan Peretti and Susie Conran give an overview of the end-of-season competition between the NAU Lumberjacks and the North Dakota Fighting Hawks. Peretti and Conran also provide a look at the team’s changing dynamic as they deal with multiple injuries. Despite having a rough season, the Lumberjacks plan to finish the season strong.

Friday 11/09/2018
Goodbye Volleyball, Hello Basketball

As one sport ends, the next one begins. As the volleyball season is closing out, we are welcoming the basketball season. Here, we take a look at the previous years teams and stats as we prepare for the upcoming season. 

Friday 11/02/2018
The OT -- NAU Ice Jacks

The NAU Ice Jacks Center, Malachi Bushey, speaks to NAZ Today's Michaela Palladino of their progress throughout the season. Though starting off a little slow, The Ice Jacks have begun focusing their practices on pieces that need to be dialed in. This has resulted in a a 5-4-1 record in the early season.

Friday 10/26/2018
OT Previews -- Homecoming Weekend Matchups

Flagstaff has a lineup of huge sporting event this weekend. The Flagstaff Eagles face rivals The Coconino Panthers in the fight for the city title.

Friday 05/04/2018
OT Boys Prep Athlete of the Week -- Drew Healy

Drew Healy is this week's prep athlete of the week. Healy is a senior at Flagstaff High School, and plays as both pitcher and shortstop for his team.

OT -- Coconino High School Football Camp

Coconino High School had a special guest attend their football camp, Arizona Cardinal's Marcus Golden.

OT Previews -- Summer Camps 2018

NAU Track and Field is traveling all over this summer, going to the University of Idaho May 8-11, Sacramento State May 24-26 and University of Oregon June 6.

Friday 04/27/2018
OT -- NAU Tennis

The Big Sky Championships are this weekend in Phoenix.

OT -- High School Baseball Updates

A recap on high school baseball as the season comes to an end. Flagstaff High had an explosive season with a 16-12 overall record. The Eagles were led by senior shortstop Drew Healy, who has a 521 average with 28 RBIs and 29 run scored.

OT -- Flagstaff Softball Season Highlights

Flagstaff softball has had a tough season on the diamond. However there have been some bright spots for the girls at Flagstaff high school. In late march they achieved a record of 6-1 lead by senior in fielder Maddy Lee with a .531 avg. with 9 RBI’s and 12 runs scored. Flagstaff high school looks to utilize their 7-5 home record to carry them to the playoffs.

OT -- Lumberjacks Spring Football Game

As the NAU football team prepares for their upcoming season starting in the fall, we have highlights from the spring game this past Saturday. Junior quarterback Case Cookus and senior WR Emmanuel Butler were the two stars of Lumberjack football that came to shine at the Skydome. 

OT Interview--NAU Baseball's Austin Reeves

Making friends as a transfer student can be difficult, but Austin Reeves found his family in NAU baseball.  The Lumberjacks are 4 in their conference going into a game against ASU. Reeves knows the team isn't going to make regionals so his goal for the team is to just enjoying playing the game. This is Reeves last season and he is leaving baseball and NAU with great memories of the school and his team.

Friday 04/20/2018
OT Weekend Previews -- April 20, 2018

The Eagles baseball team takes on the Bulldogs Saturday at 11 a.m. at home to hopefully finish off their season with an over 500 record.

OT -- NPA Baseball

The NPA boys baseball team is seated third in the central region. They have a three game winning streak at home and doing outstanding away as well.

OT Interview -- NAU Lacrosse's Liam Birrell

After starting the season with a 10-1 record, reporter Sean Clark meet up with senior lacrosse player Liam Birrell to discuss the amazing season the NAU boys team has been having.

OT -- NAU Football Spring Training Update

After 14 spring practices it's official, Lumberjack football is back. This game will be a marker for improvement thus far and a starting a point for improvement into the future. Coach Souers believes that improvement is the goal of spring training. He is most concerned about the same mistakes being repeated in practices and scrimmages, but is excited to see improvement in the team.

OT -- Coconino Panthers Coast at Number 4 after Rival Week

The Flagstaff Eagle Boys are sitting comfortably at number 3, which is the same spot the placed last year during Rival Week. As the Panthers are placed two spots below their impeccable run last season at number 2. While the Panthers coast at number 4 this season, will this give them momentum to win their next region game and possibly return to number 2? If the Panthers can pull off a two series win, they may be able to revive their season and return to the number 2 spot within the Four A Grand Canyon Region.

OT -- Eagles Fly High During Rivalry Week

This week has been packed with rivalry action as the Coconino Panthers took on the Flagstaff Eagles. In the Four A Grand Canyon Region, the Eagles are sitting nice at number 4, while the Panthers are number 5. These two games were the last for both rivals, you have the chance to see these girls play on Tuesday, April 24th.

Friday 04/13/2018
OT Weekend Previews-- April 13, 2018

This weekend is all about high school sports. Softball is kicking it off with the Flagstaff Eagle's facing off with the Casa Grande Cougars. Next is the Coconino Panther's softball team playing a doubleheader against the Mohave Thunderbirds.

OT -- Interview With NAU Tennis' Eirene Granville

After a win at the Big Sky Championship, NAU Women's Tennis player Eirene Granville says the key to their success was the team aspect and common goal of winning. Even though the team's hard work has paid off, their work isn't done as Granville says her eyes are set on taking the Tournament.

Coconino Panthers Update

Coconino Boys' Baseball are currently 6-6 in their Conference Play. With a 5-4 record in their region, the Panthers have some room for improvement. There are four games left in the season, including three in the Grand Canyon Region.

Thursday 04/12/2018
OT -- NAU Women's Tennis Closes Out Season Strong

NAU Women's Tennis is on an eight game win streak, possibly bringing a championship back to NAU.

Saturday 04/07/2018
Flagstaff Boys' Eagles Continue to Soar

Flagstaff High School's Boys Baseball is on an amazing winning streak this season. The team is predominately lined with seasoned players as juniors and seniors fill the roster strong, except for sophomore Stephen Canizales.

Sunday 04/01/2018
Coconino Baseball Update

Coconino High School is 3-3 in their season right now and 2-2 in region play. Their season kicked off at a rough start for batting averages and solid plays. The Panthers have shown more comfortably in playing at home than away. Scoring 3 on home-field advantage, the team has to figure out how to score on the road or else their season will begin to slide.

Flagstaff Weather-- April 26, 2019

Flagstaff can expect more cloud coverage as rain moves in from the Califor...

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