Flagstaff softball has had a tough season on the diamond. However there have been some bright spots for the girls at Flagstaff high school. In late march they achieved a record of 6-1 lead by senior in fielder Maddy Lee with a .531 avg. with 9 RBI’s and 12 runs scored. Flagstaff high school looks to utilize their 7-5 home record to carry them to the playoffs.

Coconino high school has had an up and down spring for softball. They have a 15-12 overall record that was boosted by a five game winning streak in early March. They have been able to achieve success on the road with an 8-2 record. Coconino is lead by junior 3B Taylor Brown who had a .446 avg. with 36 RBI’s and 18 runs scored.

Northland Prep Academy has had a season very similar to the boy’s team. When they do win, it’s by a big margin. They have been lead by junior in fielder Megan Swinney who had an outstanding .667 avg. with 36 RBI’s and 27 runs scored. This team has star power and they look to be a treat heading into the playoffs.