This week has been packed with rivalry action as the Coconino Panthers took on the Flagstaff Eagles. In the Four A Grand Canyon Region, the Eagles are sitting nice at number 4, while the Panthers are number 5. These two games were the last for both rivals, you have the chance to see these girls play on Tuesday, April 24th.

Coinciding with rivalry week last Tuesday, is Flagstaff's Senior Night. The players that stood out the most are Brianna Betoney from the Eagles and Mackenzie Miller-Smith from Coconino. Betoney is above the NBA at 375 mph, with an on base percentage of 444 and 12 hits this season.

With the state championship approaching, both teams can work on minimizing their errors defensively as well as pop-ups behind the plate. Both Eagles and Coconino suffered a few errors on the field resulting in runs for the other team. Practice makes perfect, in between game times, each teams will need to continue building good defense and teamwork.

Ultimately the Eagles won 13-12.

Congratulations to both teams and the progress made throughout this season.