Luke Avdalovic walked onto the NAU basketball team as a red shirt freshman, which means there was no guarantee that he would play.  With much perseverance, he has become one of the teams highest scorers.  Coach Jack Murphy says, that he is one of the smartest players he has ever coached and describes him as a “tough young man”.  His teammates even agree that he has stood out from beginning.  One of his teammates says that he has an incredible work ethic and would come in everyday to practice.  

      Despite his skill level, Avdalovic was not recruited and chose NAU base on academics and athletics.  Coaches have since decided to award Avdalovic with a scholarship due to his skill and the fact that he leads the team in 3-pointers this season.  Luke’s reaction was surprised and excited for his entire family.  Coach Jack Murphy adds that giving the scholarship “felt like Christmas Morning”.  Both the team and coach are excited for how far Avdalovic has come.