December 9, 2014 - NAZ Today covers the reinstatement of the NAU ladies club rugby team.

Formally known as the Timberdoodles, the reinstated Lady Landshark's club rugby team is making a mark on club sports on the NAU campus, especially for women.

Head coach Amy Ronn says that she thinks the sport is evolving and becoming more open to women. Ronn is very passionate about the sport, and she believes that in the next five years, women's rugby is going to grow exponentially.

Erika Brook, club president, says that rugby is unique because it is one of the few sports where the rules are the same for both women's and men's teams. Brook also says that rugby is "probably the most tiring sport [she's] played," due to the amount of contact and aggression involved.

Another member of the team, Anna Watson, says that they even run all the same positions and plays as the men's team.

If you want more information on how to join the Lady Landsharks, or for a copy of their game schedule for this spring season, email them at: