Flagstaff High School's Boys' Baseball is now undefeated in Conference Play after cruising by their opponents this past 5 games. With their 4-0 streak, the Eagles have had a strong line up this year including SR., Drew Healy with a BA of .588 and 6 RBI's. Healy is off to a great start for his final season as an Eagle.

Soph. Stephen Canizales is one of our must watch players of the season with a BA of .360 and 7 RBI's. Another player to keep an eye on is Jr. Kaleb Hintz with a BA of .350 and 6 RBI's.

The Eagles will have a successful Conference Play by continuing to swing out the plate and set the each play up at the right moments.

The Eagles can remain undefeated and even make a huge play-off run by keeping the strategies that are already set for each game and play as a team always.