Coconino's Boys Baseball are now 1-3 in region play and are struggling to find their mojo balance for the remainder of the season. With a win from last week's meet, the Panthers weren't able to keep the streak strong this week resulting in a blown out loss.

The Panthers should focus on stepping up to the plate because the players are having a hard time tracking each pitch. If they are not able to read the pitch, how can they score? A lot of strategic plays and practice need to be set in stone. Their BA is accumulated to .284 but if the Panthers want to see a longer season, they need to focus on getting their hits out on the field and not strike out, be smarter with their plays and build strong communication on and off the field when something needs to happen.

Up next the Panthers will be competing against Thunderbird as they challenge to remain undefeated.

The season is still early which gives the Panthers enough time to catch up and improve as a team. Best of luck to the Panthers as they close out their season.