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Tuesday 04/30/2019
What To Watch For This Week in Flagstaff Sports

NAU teams are focusing on training as tournaments wrap up and spring practices come to a close. NAU Football has a clear strategy for developing their defense for next season, while NAU Men and Women’s Tennis continue...

Athletes of the Week- This Season In NAZ Sports

Another exciting year in Flagstaff sports wraps up with summer quickly approaching. NAZ Today takes a look back, highlighting this spring's rising stars, Troy Yazzie-FHS Basketball, Kyle Casados-CHS Baseball, Jack Ber...

Friday 04/26/2019
The OT Show -- April 26, 2019

On this final edition of The OT Show this season, summer is coming and women's softball is wrapping up. Flagstaff High's Women's team defeated the Lake Havasu Knights, by a score of 8-5. The Eagles have had a great se...

Thursday 04/25/2019
NAU Spotlight -- Salute to Our Spring Spotlight Athletes

This week the NAU Spotlight gets turned around, taking another look at the top althetes of our spriing season. 

Wednesday 04/24/2019
NAU Football Pulled Together Through a Season of Change

NAU Football is in its last week of practice before the final spring scrimmage on Saturday. The team faced challenges this year including a new head coach and an injured quarterback but is ending its season feeling st...

Kenzie Palmer – Athlete of the Week

Even though beach volleyball is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Flagstaff, Coconino High School’s beach volleyball team is dominating. Senior co-captain, Kenzie Palmer, is a multi-sport athl...

Friday 04/19/2019
NAU Spotlight -- Coach Chris Ball

This week's NAU Spotlight is on first-year Head Football Coach, Chris Ball, who joined NAU in December. After a 30-year coaching career, Ball says becoming NAU's Head Coach is a dream come true.

The OT Show -- April 19, 2019

This week on The OT Show: Flagstaff High School's baseball has had an up and down season, with a five-game winning streak while also losing six games out of seven.

Friday 04/12/2019
The O-T Show -- April 12, 2019

The OT Show has this week's news on The Coconino Panthers preparations for playoffs. The Flagstaff High School Eagles Softball Team bounces back from a recent loss. Also, the NAU Men and Women's Tennis teams continue ...

Thursday 04/11/2019
NAU Football-- April 11, 2019

NAU Football looks toward the future with spring practices underway. Quarterback, Case Cookus, broke his collar bone last year in a game against Eastern Washington and couldn't play for the rest of the season.

Coconino Panthers Hoping to Climb Their Way to Championships

The Coconino High School Panthers are currently number four in Grand Canyon Region, and they are pushing hard to win the last four regular season games. Head Coach Daniel Vander Valk says the only way make it to the c...

Wednesday 04/10/2019
Athlete of The Week -- Jack Berger

Jack Berger is a versatile athlete who has found much success in basketball and even swimming. But he's found the most success  in baseball. Berger says he likes how baseball “is such a team sport and it never really ...

NAU Club Baseball Hopes for a Great Season

The Northern Arizona University Club Baseball team has embodied competitiveness of college sports. They are determined to do well this year. The Lumberjacks just started their season and are 4-6 overall.

Tuesday 04/09/2019
NAU Football is Driven Forward

NAU football is headed into their third week of spring practice with a drive to win games. The new head coach, Chris Ball, says the team puts in effort every practice and gets better. The annual NAU spring football ga...

Friday 04/05/2019
The OT Show -- Aprill 4, 2019

On this week's OT show, Flagstaff High Softball is on a tear, but their baseball team isn't. Also, a preview of the upcoming NAU Football spring game and an update on NAU Women's Tennis.

NAU Spotlight -- NAU Tennis Player Tim Handel

Senior Tim Handel is a top singles player for the Men's Tennis Team. Coach Maciej Bogusz said the team has been improving since the beginning of the season, and he sets an example for his teammates.

Wednesday 04/03/2019
Casey Auza-- Athlete of The Week

Athlete of the Week Casey Auza is a senior at Northland Preparatory Academy. NAZ Today Reporter, Raj Gagliardi, reports Auza says she has been exposed to softball since she was a child.

Wednesday 03/27/2019
Emanuel Butler at Pro Day

NAU football alumni Emanuel Butler attended the NFL pro camp in Phoenix Wednesday to show his skills in competing with some of the best athletes off of the college field.

Pearl Garner --Athlete of the Week

     Flagstaff High School sophomore Pearl Garner has helped turn the tennis team  around for the better as the team’s co-captain.  Pearl started playing tennis at the age of 5 and has been playing ever since.  She ha...

Arizona Diamondbacks Opening Day

The Arizona Diamondbacks have their first opening game today against the Los Angeles Dodgers. First baseman Christian Walker said the start of the season is exciting no matter who it’s against. He continued to day tha...

Tuesday 03/26/2019
Arizona Diamondbacks Opening Season Update

NAZ Today's Michaela Palladino headed down to Phoenix to check out the Diamondbacks as they gear up for their upcoming season. She interviews rising first basemen, Christian Walker as he makes his way to the opening d...

Thursday 03/14/2019
NAU Spotlight -- March 14, 2019

NAU Women's Swim Team diver Tatiana Kurach is in this week's NAU Spotlight. Kurach is a senior from Russia. She's won several titles, and was a part of the NAU 2019 WAC swim and dive championship team.

Wednesday 03/13/2019
Monica Encinas -- Athlete of the Week

Flagstaff High school senior Monica Encinas is finishing her senior year.  Monica says her she started playing softball at age 10 when she tried out for her little league team.  Monica has since become a key component...

Tuesday 03/12/2019
NAU Women's Basketball Seniors

Kaleigh Paplow and Tate Tsingine, NAU Women basketball seniors, are going to graduate this season.

Friday 03/08/2019
The Overtime Show -- March 6, 2019

Local Flagstaff team the eagles are now three and two in their season, and are now preparing for conference play. Senior Derek Williamson and sophomore Cylis Clair are leading the teams batting with three hundred and ...

Flagstaff Weather -- September 25, 2019

Student Forecaster, Mitchell Mckenzie covers today's weather patterns an w...

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