The Winslow 911 Dispatch Center got an upgrade last June. NAZ Today Reporter, Makayla Clark, tells how the Winslow 911 Dispatch Center's technological situation has changed in the last year. They used to use DSL, but now have switched to a combination of fiber optics and wireless internet with the Next-Generation 911 system, designed to prevent the network from being overloaded by too many callers.

Dispatch Supervisor, Michael Jones, explains this advanced technology's importance. Only so many calls could be taken at once with the old system, which became apparent nationwide during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. If necessary, the Next-Generation system could even run off a few tablets in case of an emergency.

Though new technology is important, Dispatcher, Ashley Atkinson, says because they don't physically see it, a dispatcher may not know the gravity of the situation, but the things they hear can sometimes be more graphic.