NAZ Today Makayla Clark reports on a historic bridge for the residents of Flagstaff. Wheeler Park Bridge was deemed unsafe last year and is now taken down due to the Rio De Flag Flood Control Project. This bridge has been home to Flagstaff for more than three decades, connecting Wheeler Park to the library.

Many Flagstaff residents, including Karen Fillerup, Diane Bellock, and Karen Malis-Clark, have lots of memories of the bridge that will be missed. The city has cut up the bridge, put a city stamp on the pieces, and are handing them out to people with memories of Wheeler Bridge Park. Amy Hagin Parks Manager said the bridge will not be put back up and changes will be made, but they are unsure what that will look like right now.

Wheeler Park Bridge was dedicated to Rollin Wheeler in 1984. Wheeler was Flagstaff’s Mayor in the 60’s. Cabrina Weems, Wheeler’s granddaughter, said she was sad to see the bridge go, but happy to find out her family could have a piece of the Flagstaff landmark.