The Theatrikos Theater Company has been flooded after hosting shows for over 30 years. The basement of the building was flooded with over 4,000 gallons of sewage. Some costumes, set pieces, walls, and other items have been damaged. Items that were not touched by the sewage may still be damaged due to the fumes. The Theatrikos Executive Director, Chris Verrill, explained the flooding was caused by a clog under a manhole cover nearby.

Through this damage the theatrikids are still rehearsing and will perform this weekend. The day after the flooding was discovered the Theatrikids Director, Joe Maniglia, was able to tell his cast and crew they could host their performance at Flagstaff High School. The Theatrikos Theater is expected to open on time on May 31.

The Flagstaff community is said to be very supportive of this incident, offering help where they can. There is a meeting tonight for volunteers and others who want to help at 6:30 at the Weatherford Hotel. There is also a GoFundMe for donations at