It has been one year since mass school shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 people. At one month after the mass shooting, students and faculty staffs did nation wide walkout, put 17 chars outside and stood out 17 minutes. After 11 months since then, what has changed. 

FALA Dean Deidre Crawly explains how walkout told them that 17 people were not with them anymore. Teacher Allison Gruber says students have felt valuable, frightened and confused. But after the walkout, it helped them feel they have real voice, and this could change the world. FALA Sophomore Bella Bais talks how the walkout made adults realize that children can make some impacts and help what they can help to make it better. However, as Bais and FALA Senior Hanna Staudinger explain a lot more works have to be done until students can feel safe to go to school everyday, and how this is important. Also, Crawly says the next step to make a difference will be more paying attention to students who are hurt mentally and help them as well.