Demand for mental health care is increasing nationwiide, particularly on college campuses. NAU is no exception. The University has been struggling to meet demand for counseling appointments, which can sometimes take weeks to scheddule.

Mental health isa one of the biggest growing problems nationwide, but especially on college campuses.  A big problem included is the lack of access to systems of supports during the growing need.  During the past few weeks, mental health affects have been studied to see how it is affecting the community at NAU.  One major issue being dealt with is that NAU students are struggling with making counseling appointments—it often times takes weeks to get an appointment. This is a wide spread problem, it is not only happening at NAU, but also at many other college campus.  According to the Coconino County suicide report for 2017, every two weeks someone commits suicide.  Denise Trimblesmith believes that often times we get caught up in the statistics and the numbers and do not think about every human life that is taken by suicide.  She states: “I don’t like to compare, because it makes it seem like one person’s life out values another.”  Students in a communication ethics course are working on improving services at NAU.