As a result of the Coronavirus spreading across the globe, universities are having to compensate. NAU is saying that if the coronavirus makes its way to Flagstaff, the university will shut down. All in-person classes will be switched to online. This threat is being closely monitored, but students and faculty are being advised to prepare for the worst.

NAZ Today’s Sheridan Marohnic and Kross Warr went out and interviewed students, asking about their opinions for all-online classes. Students Carter Hitt and Marissa Seabreeze commented that they are not too concerned about contracting the virus, but are taking precautions like using hand sanitizer to keep themselves and others healthy. When asked about the possibility of online classes, students Marshall Horlacher, Chino Ohanele, and Isabil Ahme said that they would rather pursue their educations in person.

None expressed enthusiasm for the idea, saying that online classes would cause more chaos. Student Tera Smeltzer commented that she was worried that students won’t get refunded for the switch from in-person to online. The Office of the President at NAU assures students that they will be notified if/when the threat becomes imminent