Oct. 28, 2014 - NAZ Today hosted a special edition of the broadcast for a live mayor debate on Monday, as the mayoral election is on November 4th.  

Community host Matt Tantau and student host Adrian Gurrola acted as co-moderators for the debate as the candidates are asked questions regarding local issues live from social media. 

Also asking questions are three panelists each representing an organization within the NAU Student Media Center. Representing KJACK Radio is David Ahumada, the Lumberjack is represented by Amy Owings, and Jonathan Becker is representing UTV-62. 

The debate will focus on four main topics: Flagstaff's economy, city budget, affordable housing, and water conservation. Two to three questions will be asked on each of these topics.

For each question, candidates are allowed a minute and a half to respond followed by a thirty second rebuttal from the candidate that answered the question first. The candidates however are only given one minute each for their opening and closing statements. 

In between topics, council member candidates give statements on what they hope to accomplish in city council.