Judge Dan Slayton addressed the defense and prosecutors earlier this morning and denied the motion for a mistrial. He feels that prosecutor Ammon Barker did not intentionally or deliberately try to mislead the jury in this case.

Judge Slayton welcomed the jury back to the court and read additional instructions to consider statements made by Jones. Slayton said that the court determined a statement inadvertently made by Mr. Barker during the prosecutions initial closing argument was inaccurate. The statement is as follows: "Now it wasn't until later of course when he had an audience with a police and a police station on the record that he started talking about well these people were trying to kill me." Judge Slayton cleared this statement up to the jury and they are to be determined by the jurors.

The jury was instructed to continue with its deliberations. No verdict was decided today, but deliberations will continue tomorrow.

Last night, a public meeting was held at Flagstaff High School to discuss the evacuation yesterday after a 6th threatening note was found at the school. Principal Tony Cohen and Police Chief Kevin Treadway answered questions from the community and discussed how serious these notes are. They advised parents to tell their children that these notes are a felony.