Strong storms hit Northern Arizona late last night causing major damage to U.S. Highway 89. The major highway, located north of Flagstaff, will be closed for several days after flood waters washed away part of the road. According to Arizona Department of Transportation, the flood waters eroded the subgrade material beneath the highway which caused it to sink. The sinkhole caused a two-car collision when one driver lost control of their vehicle as the highway began to give. Unfortunately, the collision claimed the life of one and injured several passengers.The victim was identified by the Department of Public safety as a 26-year-old French woman.

The closure extends for 15 miles from Cameron to Highway 160. The temporary detour stretches for about 190 miles which adds an extra three hours to the drive. ADOT advises drivers not to take the back roads as they are still flooded. ADOT will be working alongside the Hopi and Navajo tribes to get the highway reopened as soon as possible.