NAU students partnered with local businesses and community members to pick up trash in the areas surrounding the Southside neighborhood.

Property manager and Hope Construction member Kevin Bohm says the weather is ideal for cleaning up the neighborhood.

NAU student Ashton Virs says it is only right to give back to the community that they love and cherish.

NAU student Robert O'Brien agrees with Virs. He says they have been walking around with trash bags and collecting litter in the surrounding community.

NAU students are looking to send a message that they care about the area as much as the community members do. This is all done through them making the neighborhood clean.

NAU student Tony Matt hopes that this will teach others a lesson about keeping Flagstaff clean. Matt says that they keep these streets clean to help create a cleaner community.

Community member Austin Aslan is impressed by the efforts but believes the city should be helping. Aslan says that more businesses should partake in these efforts to keep the streets clean on a regular basis.