Governor Doug Ducey attends the Athena Awards hosted by the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce on Friday. He gives a key note speech that highlights Arizona education, minimum wage and the Grand Canyon.

Governor Ducey addresses the two ballets that directly impact Flagstaff's minimum wage. The ballets look to revert the current minimum wage to match the lower state minimum wage. Governor Ducey says that the issue will be dealt with at the ballet box.

His key note speech also focuses on Arizona education. Governor Ducey came into office with a $1 billion deficit in K-12 funding. He is successfully turning it around by granting a 9% increase in dollars available for teachers since 2015 and $400 million to be equally distributed among Arizona schools. Governor Ducey says that this is not enough.

Among other issues, Governor Ducey addresses the government shutdown in January. He says that the Grand Canyon remained open despite government issues in January.