Young puppy with playful spirits is looking for a forever home. The puppy's name is Kevin, and he is four and half-month-old American Pit Bull Mix. Kevin has spent already two months at Coconino Humane assosiation while he was recovering from K9 Distemper. But now, he recovered from disease, and he is ready to be adopted.

Kevin had brought to the assosiation when he was two monthes old, and he already had K9 distemper at that time. K9 distemper is the deases that does not gurantee to be recovered, but he made it through. Now, he is looking for a good forever home. Since he is still puppy, he needs little extra attention, but he will know about new owner and be loyal to them. Keving is cute, special puppy who recover from terrible diesease and waiting to be adopted by anybody who is willing to give him love.