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Tuesday 04/30/2019
Athletes of the Week- This Season In NAZ Sports

Another exciting year in Flagstaff sports wraps up with summer quickly approaching. NAZ Today takes a look back, highlighting this spring's rising stars, Troy Yazzie-FHS Basketball, Kyle Casados-CHS Baseball, Jack Ber...

Monday 04/29/2019
Foxes and Worms and Bears, Oh My!

Bearizona has a new resident in Cleo the Fennec fox. She's learning positive reinforcement training with help from staff at the wildlife park. Super worm rewards are motivating Cleo to have safe behavior around visito...

Wednesday 04/24/2019
Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival Holds Performances in Historic Riordan Mansion

The Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival, better known as FlagShakes, is putting on shows in the historic Riordan Mansion starting this weekend.

New Star Viewing Building for Lowell Observatory

Lowell Observatory is celebrating its 125th year by adding new ways for the public to look at the stars. A new building will have six new telescopes and it will roll on rails every evening to reveal the telescopes. Da...

Friday 04/19/2019
Girls Join Flagstaff Boy Scout Troop

Scouts BSA Troop 142 at Corner Elementary School now includes girls.The organization known for decades as the Boy Scouts, now calls itself Scouts BSA.

Coconino High School Drama Club Performs Arsenic and Old Lace

The Coconino High School Drama Club has spent their whole semester preparing the classic play Arsenic and Old Lace. The comedy is focuses on a family that takes some wildly unexpected turns.

Sunday 04/14/2019
Flagstaff Aims to Lead the Way in Water Conservation

This is Water Awareness Month, and Flagstaff is doing its part to increase awareness of the need save water. Flagstaff Water Conservation Manager Tamara Lawless says the city is hosting rainwater harvesting workshops,...

Thursday 04/11/2019
Pet of the Week -- April 10, 2019

Meet Sahaba, a mature dog looking for a forever home. She been at the Coconino Humane Association for almost five. Sahaba is energetic, and loves to run or go for walks. Sahaba had seven puppies, but they have now bee...

Wednesday 04/10/2019
Activists Urge Passage of Ordinance to Protect Undocumented Immigrants

Immigration activists are urging city of Flagstaff to adopt the Keep Families Free and Together Ordinance. The goal of the ordinance is to protect residents with undocumented status by preventing local police from coo...

Tuesday 04/09/2019
Teacher of Week -- Christine Sapio

Teacher of the week, Christine Sapio, expresses to her students that science is fun. To accomplish this she likes to change up the curriculum and have her students participate, which are key components. Sapio said, th...

Friday 04/05/2019
Pet of the Week -- April 4, 2019

This Week's Pet of the Week is Darla who was brought to High Country Humane few weeks ago. She is a seven-year-old shepherd mix, and is looking for a forever home.

Wednesday 04/03/2019
Teacher of the Week -- Michelle Weidinger

This week NAZ Today salutes Cromer Elementary's Michelle Weidinger, who says collaboration is a key to student success. She works with each class to shape the curriculum to focus on what students want to learn.

Wednesday 03/27/2019
Reward Offered for Information on Jewish Community Center Vandalism

The Anti-Defamation League is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whomever is responsible for vandalizing the Molly Blank Jewish Community Center. The crime occurred over t...

Friday 03/15/2019
City Manager Candidates Meet the Public

 Wednesday evening Flagstaff’s Murdoch Center hosted a meet and greet for the City Manager candidates, directly addressing citizens and City Council members. Mayor Coral Evans explains the significance of the position...

Wednesday 03/13/2019
Museum Spring Break Program for Kids

While some families and kids head out of town for spring break, many will be looking for something for their children to do during school hours. Museum of Northern Arizona have special programs planned for those stayi...

Local Artist Joins in Celebrating Flagstaff’s Role in Moon Landing

Glass blower George Averbeck is building a collection of hand-crafted “moon globes” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11

Thursday 03/07/2019
Flagstaff Public Works Director Receives Award

The Flagstaff Director of Public Works Andrew L. Bertelsen is the city's 2018 Director of the year. Bertelsen is the 10th director to be honored for outstanding work as a city director.

Pet Of the Week -- March 7, 2019

Young puppy with playful spirits is looking for a forever home. The puppy's name is Kevin, and he is four and half-month-old American Pit Bull Mix. Kevin has spent already two months at Coconino Humane assosiation whi...

Wednesday 03/06/2019
Ash Wednesday Observed in Flagstaff

Ash Wednesday is a time of sacrifice until Easter. Father Matt Lowry said Ash Wednesday is more than just putting ash on your forehead. It is a reminder for Catholics that God is always there and to turn back because ...

Thursday 02/28/2019
Sechrist Elementary School Supplies Flexible Chairs

An elementary school teacher is create new ways for comfortable and enjoyable seating in Flagstaff.

Wednesday 02/27/2019
Mayor Coral Evans Visits FALA

Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans visited the 6th graders of Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy (FALA). She wanted the students to understand that the youth have representation too, and that their voice matters. 

Thursday 02/14/2019
Flagstaff Motel Room Caused Fire

The Fire was caused in West Flagstaff. NAZ today reporter tells that fire was started from one of the hotel rooms in Travel Inn.

Wednesday 02/13/2019
Increased Minimum Wage Raises Debate with Flagstaff Locals

A new city minimum wage of $12 an hour took effect Jan. 1 and will continue to raise to $15 an hour by 2022. Individuals and small-business owners are adjusting to the change with mixed reactions.

Friday 11/30/2018
ADOT Prepares The Roads for Snow

As snow preparation begins, Arizona Department of Transportation will be hard at work to make sure the roads and highways work effectively. ADOT will have multiple snow plows on the streets to ensure the public's safe...

Vietnam Veterans Help Restore History

Although the Vietnam War ended almost 40 years ago, local veterans are coming together to restore its history. One of the Huey helicopters used in the war is being repaired to dedicate to fallen soldiers.The helicopte...

Flagstaff Weather -- September 25, 2019

Student Forecaster, Mitchell Mckenzie covers today's weather patterns an w...

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