The Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival, better known as FlagShakes, is putting on shows in the historic Riordan Mansion starting this weekend.

The mansion's architecture and character make an ideal backdrop for the shows, but director Garrison Garcia says the technical aspects of the plays had to be adjusted for the historic setting.

The company usually portray classics from the Renaissance period, but this season they chose two original Jewish plays: "God of Vengeance" and "Indecent."

"God of Vengeance" is a play with unusual content for its time, says stage manager Taylor Harrison. Things like prostitution and homosexuality made the play so risqué that the entire cast of the original performance was arrested after opening night. "Indecent" was written in response to those events and its plot revolves around the real-life fallout of opening night in the 1900s.

The themes of family, identity and what it takes to be a good person are still relevant for today's audiences, says actress Lee Bryant.

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