A proposed land swap was discussed at a recent Flagstaff City Council meeting. The swap would mean that land would involves the feds trading land with the state which then would be given to the Hopi. 9400 acres of that land would be given from Flagstaff and could affect several hiking trails.

Hopi Chairman, Timothy Nuvangyaoma, expressed his concerns with the long overdue of the swap and believes that the Hopi should be given the land that they were promised many years ago.

Several members of the community say that they support the Hopi and should be given the land that they were promised, but not at the expense of Flagstaff public lands.

Nick Matiella, a McCain Staffer, urged the public to remember that this is only the beginning of the process and they are still trying to create a solution.

At the conclusion of the meeting, city and county officials agreed to draft a letter to Senator John McCain and Representative Tom O'Halleran urging the government to purchase land rather than trading for pieces of Flagstaff.