The growth in Flagstaff has been a big topic lately. We well now get to see how much the city has grown in the last 10 years. Flagstaff is one year away from the 2020 census. The census is used to count how many people live in the country. It also looks at specific cities.

Every household in the country will be asked to fill out a census form. Sara Dechter, Comprehensive Planning Manager, said the first three letters a household receives are not going to have a census form in them. They will have a census ID and even if you don’t have a census ID you can still fill out a form on the website.

The form in 2020 is projected to be a quicker form to fill out than in the past. The new form will be eight to nine questions. A new system now in the 2020 census will be that if someone doesn’t fill out the form, they will be able to get your private information from places like credit card companies. The last change for the 2020 census is still undecided. The Department of Commerce proposed adding a question about citizenship. The supreme court is holding oral arguments on April 23 to discuss whether a question about citizenship should be allowed on the form. The result of whether the question will be added will be by June.