Many people don’t know that golden eagles and bald eagles call arizona home. The annual eagle celebration is aimed to increase awareness of these majestic birds who sometimes go unnoticed while they sore through the Arizona skies. The event has bird watching, presentations and live eagles. Liberty wildlife, a nonprofit organization that rehabilitates animals offers the opportunity to get an up close look at these birds.


Linda scott from Liberty wildlife says that their bald eagles are released back into the wild after being in their rehabilitation facility she also says that the last bird they released was their 103rd bird that they have helped. In their education program, they have five or six bald eagles that they have permanently because they are not releasable to the wild.


Jennifer Presler, from Arizona Game and fish says that not a lot of people know there is a small population of these eagles that breed and are regularly found here in Arizona and she says that one of their goals is to influence their success as a species.


Linda says that a little bit of education can go a long ways to help conserve the lives of these sacred eagles. The organization talks about ways to preserve the life of the eagles; and they say it starts with picking up loiter and keeping a clean environment for these birds to live in.


Their mission is furthering the nurturing of the species and wildlife in Arizona so this event is a great way for the community to get involved with how to preserve some of the wildlife here in Arizona.