This year’s signature station for radio is KJACK in NAU. According to Paige Kenny, the honor made by Broadcast Education Association is the top rewards for the national college station.

With such a significant honor, Cassidy Zimarik, the KJACK Station Manager, appreciates all the members’ great effort. According to her, KJACK contains students from different programs, media, film, radio, virtual reality and so forth. She is proud of all the KJACK members trying their best to build up a professional broadcast in a right way.

KJACK is also a platform provide individual prize with many valuable experience. Matthew Jarecki, the KJACK Radio Host, won the first place in terms of his Sports TV Talent daily work, which he calls “Joke” and the third place of Radio Team Specialty. To achieve his goal as telling people with truthful and meaningful stories on the radio, he gets up at 4 am everyday with passion and respect for his job to prepare the original thoughts.

In April, all KJACKs are hoping for accepting the honor of  BEA (Broadcast Education Association) in the annual meeting in Las Vegas. NAZ Today would never miss the chance to play the whole show on April 8th.