The Orpheum Theater hosted the third annual Arizona Women's Film Festival this past weekend. The festival's focus on protection against domestic violence took center stage.

Miranda Sweet, the Women's Film coordinator, says that the festival is benefitting Sharon Manor which is a transitional housing program for those leaving domestic abuse situations.

Paula Pelletier-Butler who has been a Flagstaff local for eight years assembled the Arizona Women's Film Festival, that is made for women, by women. Butler says she is a medical provider for women, and it made sense for her to start something like this.

Cheryl Blume the Housing Solutions Director for Sharon Manor says this festival was a place where issues women face in fields of violence are being addressed. She said that the women who come to the festival are often victims of violence, sexual abuse, and even financial abuse. But this is a opportunity for these women to finally feel heard.

Trish Rensink a Arizona Women's Film Fest volunteer said how powerful it is to see these women going out and tackling touch subjects, recording them, and then sharing them. A local filmmaker Deidra Peaches, from Paper Rocket Production says that story telling goes a long way; through these stories being told conversations are being made and ways are being found to remediate some of the problems.