It's another week and we have another teacher is being highlighted for their work in the classroom. Kayley Quick, a graphics design teacher at Flagstaff High School (FHS), is our Teacher of the Week, and NAZ Today’s Justin Dubail was there to speak with her.

Being a teacher is something that Quick always wanted to be as a kid, and said that it is something that’s engrained in her. Being a graphics design teacher can have it’s challenges with being underfunded, but recently, Quick and her class were the winners of a nationwide art competition. They competed in the Vans Custom Culture Competition, and won 75,000 dollars, which is allowing them to have more freedom and experiences in the classroom.

Quick enjoys this outside success, but it’s really connecting with her students that matter to her. Growing up, she says that she never really had a teacher that was there for her, or someone that was a mentor to her to help her out, so that’s what Quick aspires to be for her students. She tries to tie teaching and connecting together by adding a sense of fun and play to her classroom, and her students really seem to enjoy it.

One of Quick’s students Cecei, says that Quick is always encouraging, present, and helpful, and also said that she’s thankful to have a teacher like her, and have a connection with her outside the classroom.

And that’s why Kayley Quick is our Teacher of the Week.