In the whole semester, NAZ Today has introduced many prominent teachers each week. Their efforts to make students learn has impressed a lot of us. At the end of the semester, let’s have  a review and see what makes them out-standing.

If let these teachers to describe a typical day in a class, what would they say?

Elyse Davidson, the week of the teacher in Sechrist Elementary School, thinks student is the top priority. For Kathy Marron, the educator in Thomas Elementary School, use the words, “right, colorful, chaotic, organized” to present the class she teaches. Also, Doug Lyerly, the teacher in Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, thinks his classes are meaningful and creative.

These teachers all have their unique teaching tactics to help their students learn more effectively.

“Humorous” is Maggie Mccorkle’s strategy. She’s a teacher uses jokes and creates relaxing studying environment for students in Siagua Middle School. For Alexander Casady, the educator from Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, he regards the personal interest as the best motivator for students to learn. As he said, “The learning comes from the nature.” So, how can students remember the knowledge impressively? Christine Sapro, the teacher from Coconio High School, gives us the answer——creating amazement moment in the class. In her classes, she will try to utilizes some attractive events to let the students remember what they learned. Of course, a good relationship with students is another important teaching tactic, which is used effectively by Linda Hart, the educator from Killip Elementary School. Her students call her “mom” or “grandma”, expressing the intimate relationship with Killip.

Though, each educator has distinctive teaching methods, their objective to make every student learn will never changed. As Molly Joralmon, the teacher in Singua Middle School, said, “Every one has chance to learn.” For all the teachers of the week, they treat every student as the same without biases. 

Teachers use their passion and love, attracting students to learn. Next semester, let’s anticipate more great teachers and give them our respects.