Each week, NAZ Today profiles teachers making a difference in the community. As we prepare to wrap up until next fall, NAZ Today's Aaron Vitatoe takes a look back at our spring Teachers of the Week.

Elyse Davidson, from Sechrist Elementary School, says students are her top priority. Thomas Elementary's Kathy Marron uses the words, “bright, colorful, chaotic, organized” to describe her classroom. Doug Lyerly, from the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, works to make his classes meaningful, fun and creative.

“Humorous” is how Singaua Middle School's Maggie Mccorkle describes her teaching strategy. For Alexander Casady, an educator from the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, personal interest is the best motivator for students to learn.

Coconino High's Christine Sapio says it's all about creating amazing moments in the clasroom. Of course, a good relationship with students is another important teaching tactic, which is used by Linda Hart, a educator from Killip Elementary School. Her students call her “mom” or “grandma.”

Though each educator has distinctive teaching methods, they share a goal of student success. Sinagua's Molly Joralmon says everyone should have a chance to learn.

NAZ Today's Teacher of the Week returns in the fall.